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Specialty Coffee & Tea Brewers

-   ABOUT US  -

Little me signifies the inner child in all of us, where small pleasures are enjoyed.
Our coffee and teas are a reflection of these  little joys that we love and want to share.
Life’s special moments that make it all worthwhile.

Little ME Coffee is a new concept of coffee bars focusing on offering high quality specialty coffee products.  Little ME Coffee bars are small but they feature the latest coffee equipment available and an extensive range of single origin coffee beans.

One of the most exciting features at every Little ME Coffee bar is the NITRO BREW on tap.  NITRO BREW is a 48 hour cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen to give if a smooth, fizzy mouthfeel and a great look when poured (similar to a stout beer but lighter in colour).

As a multi-roaster bar, we source amazing quality beans from local roasters such as Maverick Coffee in the South Coast of NSW; Deluca Coffee in Banksmeadow; Grace & Taylor in St. Peters; Daily Grind in Wollongong; and many others.  Additionally, we use our unique house blend roasted by a boutique micro-roastery in Sydney, custom blended to produce a sweet, caramel, chocolaty coffee flavour that  Sydneysiders love.

Last but not least, at our latest addition at Little ME Waverley is the highest graded specialty tea blended in Newtown by T TOTALER, and brewed to perfection by us!

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